About Me

Hi 👋🏻, I’m Rizwan, an entrepreneur, investor & web developer from New Delhi. I help small businesses & individuals to grow online through my social media marketing skills.

Apart from my work, I love to travel & explore new places.

  • Age23
  • ResidenceIndia
  • Postal Address2230-197 Ripon House Green Lane West, PR3 1XB, Lancashire, U.K
  • e-mail[email protected]
  • Phone+44 7503-389310

What I Do


I have a few e-com websites with top-selling products.

Web Developing

You can contact me if you need to set up a personal, business, or e-com website.


Sometimes I Like to write about current affairs, social issues and tech on my reputed news website.


Started from $1000 back in 2016. I've made over 100k from Crypto. Nothing the less I'm still learning about it. I'm an early investor in many successful ICO projects.